Start of the 2022 season

15. 04. 2022

If I mention that before the start of the season, we met and hung out on Sorica over the weekend without motorbikes, visited the Grohar museum together, climbed the nearby Možic hill and hung out over great food and wine, but we're getting a little non-motorized suspicious, aren't we?

But the motorcycle drought due to the covid situation, we had to warm up first with a wonderful lecture about driving across the desert and planning this year's motorcycle trips.
In April we started… brrrrr….
Already in April, a few weeks after the meeting in Sorica, the braver ones jumped on motorbikes over the three Savinja passes and thus fairly warmed up for the long journey to Macedonia during the May Day holidays, when we responded to the invitation of our Macedonian friends and got to know their hospitality in a few days. culture and culinary specialties.
In June, we hung out with Italian friends and drove through the Vipava valley and took part in a golagiade organized by RC clubs Nova Gorica, Gorizia, Monfalcone and Grado.
Who wouldn't want to repeat this pleasant Slovenian-Macedonian-Italian get-together as soon as possible, so just a month later, our Italian friends invited us to a rematch - a two-day trip through three countries - Austria, Slovenia and Italy.
The year is not over yet and quite a few interesting routes are still waiting for us.
First, along the Adriatic highway, if the weather, nature and this damned virus allow us, we'll go on a trip in the fall.
It starts with Marijanca and ends with goulash.
Motorcyclists gather at a point determined by the tour organizer. Yes, we are not all from the same area, so some of us come from the south of our country, some from the Styrian region, and Gorenjska. 2060), and our Macedonian friend Saša Delinikolov came all the way from Skopje.
The journey began at Marijanca in Vipava. With coffee, of course. Then the road under our feet... yes, our feet... literally, the motorbikes waited for us to see Vipava and its beauties on foot.
Of course, later it was also necessary to warm up the engines and the group of 10 engines went through Vrhpolje, Col, to Gora and to Sinje Vrh. Then to Predmeje and down the picturesque road past Lokavac towards the lower part of the Vipava valley. Passing Rihmberk Castle, along the valley of the Branica River, and over the hills of Vipava, we drove to the Karst and drove past Štanjelo to Gorjansko, where we took part in a goulash cooking competition. Naka, we didn't cook it. Well, we really can't be the best at driving and cooking at the same time. But we are definitely great eaters of goulash, karst delicacies and tasters of good karst Teran.

Written by Saša Gerčar, RC Zgornji Brnik